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, how and what about this page in the Wikitree » Article contribs » Edit this page » Create a new page » Beside Roman numerals, a few other systems of numbering were used in ancient history and the early years of Roman antiquity: Pliny, writing in the middle of the 1st century AD, refers to the Macedonian emperor Philip II (the father of Alexander the Great) as having reigned in 1,800 years BC, and the year in which Caesar Augustus reigned as having reigned in 3,000 years BC. Virgil refers to various centuries in his Aeneid (1st century BC) and the first of these, the 2nd, has traditionally been regarded as the reign of Augustus (in 28 BC), the 6th as the reign of Septimius Severus (in 193 AD), and the 7th as the reign of Pescennius Niger (in 211 AD). Verrius Flaccus, writing in the 2nd century AD, makes some guesswork when he (mistakenly) lists "the first seven rulers of Rome, as Augustus, Tiberius, Gaius, Claudius, Nero, Vespasian, Titus" without indicating the period in which these people were believed to have lived. For the genealogy of the Roman Empire from Augustus to Charlemagne, see the list of Roman Emperors » In the 17th century, it became standard practice in the history of Roman antiquity to number Roman emperors and other significant figures of classical antiquity in their own lifetimes, the basic principle being that the first man to be numbered was the first man to reign. This is the way in which the early-modern historians M. T. Catullus, Johannes Lydus, Johannes Celsus, Johannes Rheticus, and Isaac Casaubon numbered the Roman emperors. However, the first man to rule was Octavian (63 BC - 14 AD), the future Augustus, who was believed to have been created emperor by the Senate and the People in 27 BC, rather than being co-ruler with Mark Antony, who was named Augustus on 1 August of that year. As the reigning emperor was initially not named Augustus, all but three of the nine numbered Roman emperors were believed to have been co-rulers with someone else. As a consequence, the years given for the numbered emperors were later extended and reinterpret




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